What is Netizen Lifestyle?

Our story! Netizen Lifestyle, is a blog for internet citizens, and their digital way of life!

Welcome to the 21st Century. You are a Netizen (a Net Citizen), and you exist as a citizen of the world thanks to the global connectivity that the Net makes possible. You consider everyone as your compatriot. You physically live in one country but you are in contact with much of the world via the global computer network. Virtually, you live next door to every other single Netizen in the world. Geographical separation is replaced by existence in the same virtual space. — Michael Hauben, The Net and Netizens: The Impact the Net Has on People’s Lives

Netizen lifestyle started as an idea that was formulated by looking at the digital lifestyles of various groups of internet societies and looking at what connects us all.  The word ‘netizen’ is a portmanteau of ‘internet’ and ‘citizen’ and it represents the 3 billion citizens now living in this ‘global village’.  We believe there is no other word more appropriate that suits those citizens who use digital technology to do online shopping, read online content, or just use it as a means to communicate with friends and family across the connected spectrum of the net.

We don’t want to leave you behind, our aim is to improve the Internet, and make it a resourceful and intellectual experience.  We understand that it won’t be everyone’s cup of cyber tea (yes it does exist) as it’s a lifestyle choice!